Liz Payne

Herriot Building With ReflectionLiz brings over 25 years of cooking experience to Herriot’s, and has worked with many notable chefs during her career.

For 17 years Liz was Head Chef in a top London restaurant, before moving to the first truly environmental/eco restaurant in Europe.

No matter where Liz works, fine quality, fresh, local ingredients are top priority.

“I worked along-side Sally Clarke for over 18 years at her top Kensington Restaurant, Clarke’s shop & bakery in London, as her Head Chef for 17 of these years. We won many awards and accolades; the most notable award being from the Caterer & HotelKeeper’s Most Consistent Restaurant and Badoit Decanter’s Restaurant of the Year.

I moved to Bristol in 2006 to work with Barny Haughton in his multi-award winning restaurant Bordeaux Quay; the first truly environmental/eco restaurant in Europe.

With both these inspirational people I share a passion for using the best, fresh and local ingredients whenever possible.

I firmly believe that buying good quality ingredients and cooking them simply is the best. At Herriot’s, I produce a wide range of home baked products, dishes for light lunches and dinners for our guests (non-residents can call for availability).

I also have a passion for producing a range of exceptional quality jams, chutneys and relishes, all of which can be purchased from our Kitchen.”