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Ellie Payne Photography

I'm a self taught photographer based in The Yorkshire Dales. I love capturing long exposure waterfalls & landscape photography around the Dales, The Lake District & Northumberland.

Prints available to purchase from Herriot's Gallery.


brian alderman is famous for his farmyard animal pictures, especially cows and sheep

Brian Alderman

Brian spent most of his working life in Scotland as a primary school teacher.He now lives and works as an artist in Burtersett, near to Hawes in Wensleydale. Brian is often found with a large canvas and easel around the farmyards and fields, capturing the herds that provide the milk for the Wensleydale Creamery to make their cheese.


Piers Browne often exhibits his wonderful pictures of Wensleydale at the royal academy

Piers Browne

Piers is often a Royal Academy exhibitor, this keeps him in very high regard throughout the Dales.  He incessantly paints from high above Wensleydale where he's lived for over 40 years.  The landscape doesn't change much, but the light is different every single time he looks out over the valley bottom, whether it is in the morning at 1st light or with the last rays as they fall below the horizon.


Peter Brook and his trusty dog are often found on his bleak pictures of the Yorkshire Dales

Peter Brook

 Peter's paintings continue to show the beauty and vastness of the Yorkshire landscape and of the destruction of the Pennine life that once was. They show Peter and his faithful dog walking over the land, through woods or towns in search of new scenes or a cup of tea and perhaps being watched by the sheep. Sometimes we see him standing back and looking at the picture that the viewer is also observing, so we get a chance to see what Peter sees. 

Wendy Jones paints beautiful trees from north Yorkshire

Wendy Jones

Wendy has been influenced by patterns and designs in Middle Eastern and Oriental fabrics, and lately by the natural world, especially inland and coastal landscapes in northern Britain. Her work shows an astonishing diversity of appearance and theme but often celebrates her love of colour - sometimes gentle, sometimes dramatic.  She paints with acrylics, oils and mixed media, also making linoprints. Her trees pictures are often mistaken for Hockney's tree artwork, as they often paint in similar areas.

Andrea Hunter's amazing felt pictures from her gallery at Hardraw

Andrea Hunter

Andrea, worked predominantly in charcoal before her interests in textiles uncovered a real love for felt making. She tries to create depth, subtlety, texture and a real feeling of movement within her felt pictures. This sense of movement is particularly evident in her windswept landscapes and images of animals. These qualities are born from the technique of working with fine layers of wool as if it were paint. www.focusonfelt.co.uk

Moira Metcalfe paints beautifully with water colours, pastels and mixed media

Moira Metcalfe

Moira has painted in the Dales for over 30 years, in that time she has had evolved from the strong, bold  and distinctive style into a much softer style with watercolours and mixed medias really offering a lighter palette. All her recent work combine a practised knowledge of fluid lines that are mirrored in both the landscape and waters of the Yorkshire Dales, with a spirit of imagination that produces very abstract but personal representations.

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